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School’s Own Adventure has teamed up with a range of manufacturers and producers in Varaždin with global and regional export markets who will host your students’ visit. As well as learning about production processes and business structures and objectives students will gain a unique insight into the challenges faced by the EU’s newest member as it transitions from a socialist to a market economy.

Visit Varaždin, Croatia's old capital and one of the most beautiful baroque towns in Eastern Europe for your Business Studies trip.




Located within 20 minutes drive of Slovenia and Hungary and just an hour from Austria, the baroque town of Varaždin is well positioned to take advantage of Croatia’s recent admission to the European Union. Since its first mention in 1189, Varaždin has been the economic and cultural centre of northern Croatia. For over 500 years, its magnificent fortress was a source of stability and commerce, providing defence against the Mongols and the Turks and work for craftsmen and traders. When, in 1756, Varaždin became the capital of Croatia, the town attracted the aristocracy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. A flurry of palace-building ensued which changed the character of the town into the architectural jewel we see today. Varaždin is a small but lively university town: its nightlife is concentrated in a safe and contained pedestrian central zone - safe and fun for students, worry-free for teachers.

The economy of Varaždin County is focused on manufacturing and supports a range of companies notably in food production, textiles and clothing, lumber products and metalwork. Varaždin County is the only Croatian county that exports more than it imports and is proud of its reputation within Croatia of being the most entrepreneurial and business friendly region of the country. Many challenges face these companies, notably how to manage the transition from a protectionist, socialist economy to competing in a free market, capitalist economy.  This presents a fascinating area of study for the business studies student.


Programme prices from £350 excluding flights

Prices include: All internal travel, food, accommodation, guiding, programme activities and essential equipment. Also free preview visit (terms apply)

With flights: We can also package flights if preferred.

The group was more polite and respectful to staff and peers.

A Teacher

A number of challenging pupils unexpectedly excelled and fully involved themselves throughout.

A Teacher

I think my teamwork skills have improved – I know I can work with AND laugh well with people who are not my friends.

A Student

My biggest achievement was working as a part of team because I often want to be in charge all the time but I managed to co-operate very well.

A Student