School’s Own Croatia has teamed up with a range of businesses representing a broad spectrum of industry within a modern economy. Your students will learn about production processes, business models and management decision-making and gain a unique insight into the challenges faced by the EU’s newest member as it transitions from a socialist to a market economy.

We have created an itinerary which balances Business Studies with cultural experience and lots of fun. This programme is based in Varaždin, one of the most beautiful baroque towns in Eastern Europe and situated on the banks of the Drava River, known as the Amazon of Europe.


We visit these businesses and meet their management.


MIV – one of the last iron forges in Europe.  

  • Full integration from scrap metal to finished product is its USP
  • Impact of environmental law on investment and production
  • Human resources – how it handled socialist attitudes as Croatia transformed into a capitalist economy

Solvis – assembler of solar panels

  • Pricing competition with Chinese manufacturers
  • Differentiation
  • EU regulations and tariffs 

Hažić – family agro-business – wine and apples

  • How to add value to a basic resource
  • Marketing
  • Challenges of distribution
  • Managing growth / finance in a small business

Rimac – producer of the world’s fastest electric supercar

  • Keeping ahead of technological change
  • To stay niche or move into volume?
  • The search for investment


GumiImpex – recycler of automotive tyres

Wachem  -  producer of brand-name soap products for UK supermarkets