Croatia is a wonderfully compact country with a rich variety of physical and human geography.  As well as covering key aspects of the geography curriculum, students are introduced to the history and culture that have shaped this fascinating country.   

Our standard itineraries are designed to be easily amended according to your choice of content, activities and airport of arrival.  

We cover key aspects of the geography curriculum

  • Coastal Landscapes
  • Glacial Landscapes
  • River Landscapes including Floodplains
  • Regeneration
  • Population change
  • Ecosystems under Stress 
  • Field Studies 



Every programme is packed with fun and adventure

  • Kayaking/rafting through fossilised travertine barriers
  • Trekking through a 700m deep canyon
  • Adventure caving
  • Traditional Croatian culture
  • Spectacular bio diversity - flora and fauna, including European brown bear
  • Swimming in the Adriatic sea . . . . and more


And we offer visits to sites of great cultural and natural importance

  • UNESCO World Heritage sites of 
    • The walled. Roman city of Trogir
    • Diocletian Palace, Split
    • Plitvice Lakes
  • Zadar, one of the oldest cities of Europe
  • Zagreb
  • Lonjsko Polje – the last natural floodplain ecosystem in Europe