Before you arrive

Please go through the following check list to avoid some of the more obvious problems:

  • Expiration dates on passports (covering duration of stay)
  • Copies of passports to be carried by school leader.
  • EHIC carried by all.
  • Any non UK citizen students requiring a visa.
  • Review flight arrangements just prior to travel including baggage allowances.
  • Any individual flight arrangements e.g. student making separate onward travel arrangements to connect with a family holiday.  Please notify us.
  • Special needs, diets notified to us.
  • You have adequate group travel insurance in place (see our terms and conditions).
  • Adding our contact info to your phone.
  • Confirm correct dress and equipment (click here to see kit list)


The local currency is Croatian Kuna (HRK).   This can be readily acquired from ATMs using a UK bank card.   All living costs are covered during your stay so students should not need to carry much more than £50 to cover souvenirs, ice creams and extra snacks.  


Our Insurance

Your programme and payments are covered by our Professional indemnity insurance (Tasker & Partners Ltd certificate B1033ST005780Q) and Financial Failure Insurance (CBL Insurance policy ATTCMGA/FFI/060 2016)


Our terms and conditions

Click here to check


Our staff

Your group will be accompanied throughout by one of our excellent course managers who will be able to deal with any problems should they arise.   His or her responsibility is to ensure you have a safe, stress free and enjoyable time and your programme runs as planned.  He/she and you will also be able to contact a senior SOA Manager at any time should it be necessary. 


Medical services

The medical and emergency services in Croatia are usually excellent and quick to respond.  Emergency treatment costs are covered by the production of a passport and EHIC.



There are no unusual or inherent security or health risks associated with travel to Croatia.  It is a generally safe country with a low crime and terrorist threat level.  No additional inoculations are required although any particular medical concerns should be addressed to an individual’s GP.



Summer months,  June –  August are typically hot and sunny.  Spring, April – May and Autumn, September – October are usually very pleasant and not so hot.  Rain is always a possibility in Croatia so it is essential to bring adequate rain wear and a jacket in case of inclement weather


School’s Own Croatia wishes you a wonderful adventure!