Student safety is our first concern when providing high quality field trips.

Most schools and parents are united in the need to strike a balance between protecting children from harm and allowing them the freedom to develop, be healthy, gain independence and enjoy their childhood. The DfE strongly supports this line in its health and safety advice for headteachers, staff and governing bodies.  In the case of  UK adventure travel schools will normally require providers to be licensed by HSE's Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) as proof of competence.  Providers of overseas ventures are not covered by the provisions of AALA.   Your provider in this instance should comply with BS 8848 "Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the UK".  

School's Own Adventure complies with BS 8848.  We also provide additional advice, materials and support to enable schools to set up their own procedures and to reassure parents and governors that the visit will be a safe, high quality learning experience.  

We also provide the following safety assurances: 

  • Expeditions will be carried out in accordance with DfE's guidelines
  • Our Operating Procedures and Risk Assessments can be shared with governing bodies, parents and students 
  • Expedition planning and risk assessments will take into account the specific needs of your students
  • Each programme is organised by an experienced Course Manager who will remain your primary contact throughout the project
  • Our leaders are trained and experienced in the activities for which they are responsible, have first-aid knowledge and training and can summon medical help, should this ever be necessary
  • Health and safety equipment such as life-jackets and helmets are provided and their use is made compulsory where required
  • We have full Professional Liability Insurance
  • As at school, the teacher in charge will remain in loco parentis and students will be overseen and supervised by your own DBS checked school staff
  • Our leaders are trained in behaviour management and will remain with the group throughout the programme.